Thursday, 26 December 2013


After 5 weeks was time to move on, managed to escape Kalymnos before a big storm set in but got trapped on Kos instead.  After a couple of days managed to get in a ferry to Bodrum and after night drove to antalya.

Kmos- climbing at arhi

Pumpy Climb on nice big tufas

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Kalymnos team un

With very few climbers still around formed team un and loaded up the space wagon to hit the distant crags.

Kalymnos photos

Our friendly turtle. Crag with a castle. Local boats.


Views from rest days trips


Arrived on Kalymnos and set up camp for 5 weeks at evagelia's studios, Ours closest on the end


Checked out the sights of Athens. Visited the acropolis and it's museum. Stayed in Piraeus so was easy to get a boat overnight to Kalymnos.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Elefesina then athens

Spent a couple of nights here before heading to Athens, replaced a fuel line on the far-reaching thanks toyota  :-)


Drove out to the east coast of the Peloponnesian peninsula to see leonidio - soon to be the New Kalymnos according to some locals. Hard fantastic meal at local souvlaki joint while watching olympiakos play. Then headed towards Athens.


Headed to lagada next to catch up with George and the crew from patras. Spent a few days at this crag, great spot and very nice climbing. Also did a few days sight seeing around Sparta.


After a few days in nedousa headed down the coast to kardamyli to check out a sea cliff with a new crag on it. Met the guy George who was doing all the work  fixing the crag up. Made dinner on the top of the cliff and sampled the local spirit.


After messina, spent time climbing near kalamata at nedousa